Smart Email Marketing & Validation Platform.

Grow your business with simple and smart email marketing platform. Make every campaign super successful with power tools for email verification and delivery.

Why Arjun?

Grow your business

Create low cost email campaigns to reach millions of customers quickly. Send campaign emails instantly or schedule them when customers are most likely to open them.

Power Tools

Use the verification service to ensure the email list is free from any spam. The delivery and placement tests to guarantee highly successful campaign.

Email Delivery Integration

Integrate with your favorite email delivery systems like AWS SES, SendGrid, GMail or bring your own SMTP servers.


Enterprise grade data protection, your data and privacy is always safe.

Ease of use

Save time and effort with one click campaign, prebuilt email templates and quick automations.

24 * 7 Support

Arjun is available round the clock to work with you and make you successful.